Artist's Statement
The landscape is the main inspiration behind my paintings, it is where I constantly return to look for inspiration, recently beginning to explore the use of natural substances found in the landscape to add an actual tactile link with the visual image. Putting the essence of landscape into the image of the landscape.
My paintings are an intuitive response to the natural environment. Using glaze layers, bold gestural marks and impasto to suggest mood, to create visual and tactile interest. I like my paintings to be an authentic expression of something I have felt and witnessed. I am always looking for an accurate visual and emotional translation of how I experience the landscape. There is a rippling sensuality in natural textures, and the landscape viewed as a mass of merging colours. Shadows and reflections made by seasonal changes and natural light are endlessly fascinating
Transforming a blank canvas into a painting is an exciting process. Painting is a co-operative affair between the artist and the canvas, the first mark is crucial and dictates the direction the painting will take. Hopefully a good outcome results.

I admire and am influenced by traditional landscape artists like Turner, Constable and Gainsborough, as well as more recent artists such as the French Impressionists, Sir William Nicholson and his son Ben Nicholson, Piet Mondrian, Nicolas de Stael, Paul Klee and Sean Scully and many other living artists.
Sherry Edmondson 07: 03:1946

2016 Diploma of Higher Education in Painting from University of the Creative Arts
2008 - 2015 Studied Fine Arts with the Open College of the Arts
2015 February 6th elected to exhibiting member Farnham Art Society

23.08- 26.08 Hampshire Open Studios held at my home.
05.10-09.11 Splendour of Nature Willis Museum
04.10- 13.10 Alton Art Society annual exhibition
11.10 16.11 Winchester art Society Discovery Centre Jewry Street


October /January 2019 Winchester Hospital
August Hampshire open studios
March Sherfield gallery

November Discerning Eye Mall Galleries London (open exhibition)
November Discovery Centre Winchester
August Willis Museum Basingstoke
August James Hockley Gallery Farnham

September / October Discovery Centre Winchester: (Landscape prize )

February Sherfield School gallery
September Discovery Centre Winchester
September Winchester Hospital

August. Hampshire Open Studios