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Reorganising and
Another Day in the Dunes 30x30 cm acrylic on canvas
Preparing for Hampshire Open Studios
I am very excited to be taking part in the Hampshire Open Studios this year , which has somehow lead to a bit of reorganisation! The studio was tackled first moving out items that are not used on a weekly basis to make more floor space, only leaving art materials , sketchbooks, paper and so on, items in constant use. The materials and tools used regulary but not daily went onto my storage shelves, the seldom used up into the storage loft, there are always things one cannot bear to throw away! The storage loft has also been reorganised with extra racking for paintings. stretcher bars and made up canvases waiting for use.
For the event we are going to create a 'pop- up gallery in the double garage, as studio is a bit small to show work other than pieces I am currently working on. It was quite a lot of work doing the admin and choosing a painting to go with my entry( thumbnail). Everything has gone to the printers so all systems are go....

Hampshire Open Studios take place August 18-27 my studio will be open for four days, the Friday before the August bank holiday and Bank Holiday Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 10.00 a.m - 5.00p.m driveway parking. Come and meet me, it will be lovely to see you!