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Review of 2018

2018 was a year of ups and downs ! Painting was a bit held up after an operation on my left hand which made some of my work difficult. I painted a number of geometric abstracts based on landscape.Always eager to explore random ideas, I worked on several studies of other concepts some worked out, and some were non-starters! I left landscapes alone after the beginning of the year as how they were developing was not along the lines I wished to persue. However after a costal walk on Christmas day returning home I made several rough drawings of ideas for some costal landscapes and hope they will develop into some interesting paintings.Time will tell. As always standing in front of an empty canvas is tough, the first mark is the hardest to make and sets the direction for the success or otherwise of the composition.
That's all folks!
I wonder if anyone reads my news it would be nice to know , contact me and let me know.