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Sherry at Home

beginning work
The Garden, house, and other objects
Due to advice to stay at home because Covid 19, sketching trips I was planning as landscape studies have been put on hold instead I have started "At Home" paintings based in and around the garden,and home ,with objects I have about the studio and house, along with what I can see from the window. Exploring and looking forward not dwelling on what I might be missing, working positively not negatively,art work will be in a variety of media depending on the subject, for instance some images in watercolour mixed media and other experiments with acrylics and oil sticks. Rather than being a time of despair it could work out to be highly productive, sometimes if one's opportunities are closely defined and limited it makes one more inventive with what is available.

the majolica vase set up
on the easel

Subject matter may cause a radical change of style. First of the At Home Paintings is The Majolica vase drawn in charcoal on a burnt Sienna ground, and after the first days work roughly defining the leaves to enable the background to be chosen and begun.