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Cold Bright Day

Sketching in the cold
Today was bright and sunny , blue sky some clouds bit of wind. Took decision to go out and make some sketches and take digital images for some new landscapes. Went on a unfamiliar walk out of the village along the edge of a road across fields and over some railway lines. Found a super corner of a field with last year's teasels, hedgerow trees and grassy path sloping upwards . Very attractive and site to be visited through the seasons, lots of variety of colour. After crossing the railway line the path follows the line back into the village through old Hazel trees interesting shapes. Will return when warmer to sketch shapes. Also sketched farm buildings the fields and bits of green not ploughed were interesting shapes contrasting with the very dark plough. I was sketching standing up as too cold to sit about, I don't like sketching standing find it uncomfortable! Sketches essential to support digital images as what the camera sees it not what one see's distances and perspective are altered. Tomorrow the first landscape based on the outing will be started a small 30x30cm.