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2 New Landscapes

Hampshire January 70x70 cm.
Hampshire January 70x70 cm.
Hampshire January in the studio

Travelling along the main road from the village to Basingstoke as a passenger I briefly observed a stunning winter landscape. The sun was bursting through a cloud and the sky had a golden glow. . The fields slopped away from the road and then slopped up in the distance towards Hatch Warren. There was great variety of colour and texture in the scene. As soon as returning home I sketched out the scene from memory . It is a familiar scene as the road into Basingstoke is frequently used. At the moment the hedge rows are full of brightly coloured branches and twigs reds, purples, yellows, greens , greys and even pale blues,
Second image was taken in the studio and shows painting extending around canvas edge

Calm Before the Storm                                                       60x60cm.
Calm Before the Storm 60x60cm.
detail of lighthouse
detail of lighthouse

The second new painting is a seascape that has been imagined from a found image and memory. As a former windsurfer memories of how the sea looks when a storm is on it's way add some authenticity to the scene. Fingers blended the base layers of the sky the bright clouds were freely and spontaneously added with a plastic spreader
Working on a Mars Violet ground for both paintings I was very pleased with how the layers of colour worked to create an illusion of looking through shallow sea water to the sand and seaweed below . Both paintings are under consideration as entries to an open exhibition.