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Once More Towards the Island

Towards the Island Once More
Working for a client has been an interesting experience. The commission was to paint a larger version of a small textured seascape to begin with
colour areas
I made a quarter size rough[image style before starting on the canvas which was 100x30cm a good panoramic size well suited to a seascape
Using similar colours was trial and error to begin with as I had no studio notes on Towards the Island
tools of the trade
At the end of week one I had created most of the painting. looking at the condensed image there are one or two things that need revising until finally I have something that resembles a finished painting to show to the client
nearing finish

I had planned to leave the painting to rest over the weekend but I went into the studio and made one or two small revisions to hopefully complete. The changes are very small but they make all the difference. Once More towards the Island
Once More Towards the Island 100x30x4